Blood Glucose Monitors – How To Use One


Blood glucose monitors are the type of equipment used in monitoring the level of glucose’s concentration in the body. Such device play an integral role in blood glucose test that’s done by piercing the skin in order to draw blood. Then after, the blood is applied to a disposable test strip. While distinct technology is used by different brands, most of the brands are using electrical characteristics to be able to get the results in blood’s glucose level.

It will be not wrong to say that not everyone among us finds comfort in using such electronic devices. In a world wherein technology governs, some of us are scared of utilizing such equipment. On the other hand, blood glucose monitors are specifically designed with state-of-the-art technology that are comfortable and easy to use.

Below, you are going to discover the detailed steps for using such device correctly.

Step number 1. Open the package with great caution.

Step number 2. Be sure that you’ve washed your hands before proceeding.

Step number 3. Take out the glucose monitoring strips, blood glucose monitor and lancing device.

Step number 4. Insert a fresh lance in your lancing device. Now, you’ll need to set it to 3 which is often achieved by just rotating the base and then, prime it.

Step number 5. Insert the code chip in receptacle.

Step number 6. Turn on the device and wait for a few seconds until the code appear on digital display. If there’s no code that appeared, it only means that the monitor and the test strip isn’t properly synchronized.

Step number 7. Take out the unused glucose strip and prepare it. Vertically hold the lancing device on the tip of your finger and then, release the trigger. There’s going to be a tiny and fine hole that’ll be punctured in the skin. If you didn’t see a small drop of blood, just press around the area until there is.

Step number 8. Turn on the blood sugar test and pause for a few seconds until blood icon flashes.

Step number 9. Insert your glucose strip in the receptacle then wait for the results.

Step number 10. Simply jot down the reading and get rid of the glucose strip and remove the used lance. After that, turn off the device and store it in a safe place.

With the steps aforementioned, you can monitor your blood sugar level without having to visit a doctor. For all diabetic patients, it is recommended to keep the equipment near them all the time. Learn about blood glucose meters here!


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